PLThe Pure Leverage System was created by Joel Therien, the owner of GVO.

Pure Leverage offers a suite of products and training to help you maximize on your internet marketing efforts.

Pure Leverage also gives its customers the option to become and affiliate.

The affiliate structure of Pure Leverage is pretty solid! More on the compensation plan below!

Joel Therien has been around the world of Internet Marketing for a very long time.

He has an incredible story having overcome serious health issues, and working extremely hard to create a business that has served hundreds of thousands worldwide: Global Virtual Opportunities Inc.

Over his Internet Marketing career, he has come out with a plethora of different products/tools that have become EXTREMELY successful. He knows exactly what he is doing.




Overall, Pure Leverage is a great tool suite for any internet marketing business and here’s why:

Pure Leverage Products

Pure Leverage comes with a bunch of products:
– AutoResponder
– Video Email Service
– A Turn Key Blog
– A Webinar hosting Platform
– A Private Online Conference Room
– Done for you Landing/Squeeze Pages

Each one of these has great benefits to an online business because you NEED almost all of these tools. Trust me, all the pros do. Here’s why you need some of the products:

You have to be able to follow up with leads. That’s why you need an AutoResponder. “The money is in the Follow-Up”

People need to see what you’re made of. They want to see how you communicate. They want to see the training you put out. They want to learn the next best thing, which could potentially come from your blog.

The pros host and sell via webinars. Have you done one yet?

Not all the pros do this but:

My favorite of the products is definitely the Video Email Service.

With the Pure Leverage email service, you can embed a video into your emails. This means the viewer does not need to click on a link and leave their email. They can view the video directly IN the email. It’s really cool!

A lot of these products can replace others. (Aweber for autoresponder, GoToWebinar for webinars)

But with that, I think there are improvements to be made:

The tools aren’t very easy to learn and use. Once you learn it, they work.

But for those who aren’t very tech savvy or don’t learn as quickly as others, it can be tricky and stressful.

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

The next part of my Pure Leverage review will cover the compensation plan.
Check out this image for a quick glance at what it looks like:

pure leverage comp plan

Pure Leverage says they payout 100% commissions. Which is true. But its tricky:

You make 100% commissions ONLY in the customers 1st month.
After the 1st month, you make 50% commissions.

If your customers become affiliates, you will receive a 50% matching check of their total income.

So technically, 100% commissions are paid out. But it’s a unique system that get’s the affiliates to help their customers learn how to market the products.

Is Pure Leverage Your all-in-one Business Suite?

What Is Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage is a unique opportunity intended for business owners and online marketers to have the opportunity to take their profits to a higher level, using a powerful combination of valuable information and tools at a greatly reduced cost.

This is a very innovative online program that especially benefits Network Marketers to earn and leverage from Pure Leverage marketing products and enjoy residual income from every sale that they make.

What’s good about this business program is that everything is basically taken care of – from the setting up of the online business system to the provision of tools you will need to promote your business, and up to the coaching that you require to boost your income.

You will be provided with the strategies to implement and tons of ideas to run your successful online business. In no time at all, you can have your home based online business up and running, and start generating profits.


Benefits Of Joining Pure Leverage

You can look forward to having the following convenient features on your systems:

A Hosted Site
All The Coaching And Research Materials That Will Be Valuable For Internet Marketers
Effective Lead Capture And Management System
A Platform That Would Allow You To Host And Conduct Online Meetings
Generous Commission Payouts Of Up To 100%

Pure Leverage boasts of an excellent compensation program where you can generate up to 100% commission, 50% recurring commission, and 50% matching bonus from every sale that you make.

They have a coaching program that is fairly easy and simple so you’ll learn the step-by-step procedure to successfully build your very own online marketing business. You can have all the information that you need as they will basically teach you everything that you have to know about the business.

Pure Leverage Tools

The program has all the relevant tools you need for our business. With ready capture pages, the system can also collate your prospect’s information so you can start having your list of leads. No need to respond to every inquiry or every email that you receive because your new online business comes with an “autoresponder” that’s capable of sending pre-written emails.

These will help establish your relationship with our prospects, allowing you to get in touch and communicate with them on a regular basis until they are ready to place their trust and confidence in you.


Pure Leverage Program

One of the many challenges of internet marketers is how to generate lots of traffic to their site. This has been taken care of as well by the Pure Leverage program.

It can show you different venues where you can direct the traffic to your site, effectively leading them to your capture page.

A lot of online marketers struggle in this aspect, but you can have it all in ready-to-use and ready-to-implement system so it, more or less, takes you to a “shortcut” to success.

There are also Video Email Services and a live meeting room or a chat room which you can access even from home. You will have easy access to members of your network and business prospects at any given time. You can host and conduct online meetings so you can address issues or concerns about the business.




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